DOORS AND RAILINGS Without a doubt the Teakwood Doors at the front entrance of the church are one of the finest features of our building.
The doors were hung in 1960 just before the installation of Bishop William E. Power. The outside of these doors have
become quite weather worn mostly due to dirt that has gotten into the grain of the wood. The Building Committee for
the last year has been investigating how to best restore them. It was a challenge to find a way to remove the dirt in the
grain of the Teakwood without harming the carvings that are affixed to the doors. The committee decided to have
Earth Wise, a local company, do the restoration and their process involved putting a biodegradable solution on the doors
and then washing it off and then applying Teak Oil. This will cost $4,875.00 (taxes in). Also, over the last couple of weeks
we sandblasted the railings at the back of the church and repainted them. We needed to do this work for safety reasons
and to get rid of the rust that was beginning to form on the steel. This project cost $7,590.00 (taxes in). Your building committee
continues to make improvements and repairs to our buildings.