Restoration of the Saint Cecilia artwork in the cathedral - Summer, 2015

The Restoration of the Saint Cecilia painting is a project of the Saint Ninian Art Restoration Committee (S.N.A.R.C.) which is comprised of the following individuals: Fr. Donald MacGillivray, Gerald MacIsaac, Emeka Ogueijofor. Kathleen Mackenzie, Colette Chisholm, Al Masters, Suzanne Stewart and Ernst Schuegraf.

St. Cecilia is a test case to determine how difficult it is to remove the overpaint and how much it costs to restore a saint and its niche with the background. Having this information will allow the parish community to decide what to do about the other saints, when it comes to decide( and fundraise for re-painting the cathedral.) The restoration of St. Cecilia was made possible by a generous donation of a parishioner who was a former member of the choir. S.N.A.R.C. really appreciates that the parishoners will have the opportunity to see what Leduc really did, and what is behind all that peeling paint.


And as the restoration work continues.......

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