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Our Mission Statement

"St. Ninian Cathedral is the Episcopal Seat for the Diocese of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. We humbly welcome all who wish to nurture their faith through sharing the Word, breaking the Bread, and celebrating God's love for us. Guided by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to worship and serve God through prayer and service to God's people, and by striving to live our lives in the likeness and image of God."


Our Patron Saint

Saint Ninian, whose feast day is celebrated on September 16, was the first apostle of Christianity in Scotland. He was born in Cumbria of Christian parents c. 360 and was educated in Rome. He became a priest and was ordained a bishop, probably by Pope Siricius, after which he was sent to evangelize Scotland. He landed there in 397 at Whithorn near Solway Firth, where he built a stone cathedral called Candida Casa (‘White House’). He died c. 432 and was buried at Whithorn. The name of this early Christian missionary to Scotland lives on here in New Scotland, where under his patronage, our Cathedral stands as a monument to the faith and courage of generations past.

Our Tartan

Saint Ninian tartan was designed by Matthew Newsome, director of the Scottish Tartans Museum in Franklin, North Carolina to commemmorate the visit of Pope Benedict to Scotland in 2010. The white line on blue field draws upon Scotland's national colors while the green reflects the lichens growing on the stones of Whithorn in Galloway. It was there that St. Ninian first brought the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Scottish shores over 1,600 years ago. The thin yellow lines in the tartan, together with the white, reflect the colors of the Vatican. In terms of the weaving, each white line on the green contains exactly eight threads, one for each Catholic diocese in Scotland; there are 452 threads in the design from pivot to pivot, representing the number of Catholic parishes in Scotland.


Virtual Way of the Cross

Featuring photos of the fourteen oil-on-canvas Stations of the Cross created by Ozias LeDuc (1864-1955)
the man responsible for most of the interior artwork at St. Ninian Cathedral. Each Station is accompanied by
an appropriate passage from scripture and a guided "reflection" and prayers. Click your mouse on the photo
above, to begin the "virtual" Way of the Cross.

Finding Us......

Exit the Trans-Canada Highway at Exit 32 and follow signs towards town. Cross the old #4 highway straight at the lights and continue along West Street (the campus of Saint Francis Xavier University will be on your right). At the Y in the road, continue right (St. Ninian Street) and the cathedral will be on your right, just past the Schwartz School of Business. First driveway past the cathedral leads to parking areas.

New to the Parish?......

First of all, a warm welcome to Saint Ninian Parish. In order to serve you better, we ask that you click on "To Register..." below, complete the registration form and submit it to the parish office.

121 Saint Ninian Street, P.O. Box 1628, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CANADA, B2G 2L8
PHONE: 902.863.2338     FAX: 902.863-6237

PARISH SECRETARY: Manoela Strehl      E-mail: stninianparish@ns.sympatico.ca

MANAGER: Paula Kirk      E-mail: paulakirk@ns.aliantzinc.ca

E-mail: stninianreled@ns.sympatico.ca

RECTOR: Rev. Donald MacGillivary    E-mail: stninianparishrector@ns.aliantzinc.ca

Saint of the Day


A brief biography - in both text and audio format - for the saint whose feastday is today. Accompanied by a short reflection on the theme of the saint's life.

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