Restoration Project

In a race against time to save the wall murals painted by Ozias Leduc in 1902, the restoration of the Cathedral paintings began in 2012. They are considered to be a national treasure, and have been mostly covered up since the first renovation of the Cathedral in 1937. Leduc's murals have been covered by seven layers of paint and two of plaster. Since 2012, anonymous donations have allowed us to restore seven saints in the naive, and the two angels over the sanctuary`s arches. This summer, Michelle Gallinger and her team are working on four more saints: Saint James the Lesser, Saint Simon, Saint Thaddeus, and Saint Thomas.

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Saint James the Lesser

Columns revealed.

Saint Thomas

Overpaint removal

Saint Thomas

Columns revealed

Saint Thaddeus

Columns revealed.

Saint Simon

Columns revealed.

Saint Simon

Overpaint removal. Note the difference between Leduc’s original hand (bottom) and overpainted hand (top).

Angels & Tigh Dhe

The restoration of the angels and "Tigh Dhe" (Gaelic for House of God) were completed in the summer of 2020. The murals over the sanctuary arches had been covered since 1957. Before then, other artists made changes to the original Leduc, including changes in the stencils. The steam leak also greatly damaged parts of the mural, resulting in the loss of some of Leduc's original work.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger, Brittany Houghton, Winnie Daley

Saint Cecilia

Saint Cecilia was the first piece to be restored, in 2015. Upwards of nine layers of paint had to be removed to reveal the original Leduc.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger and Anne Sinclair.

Saint John the Baptist

Saint John the Baptist was completed in 2017. Saint John the Baptist attributes are the reed cross and the scroll. Significant changes were made to his staff and scroll curls overtime, as well as to his hands.

Saint Matthew

The restoration of Saint Matthew was completed in 2017. In this mural, Saint Matthew holds a book, which symbolizes his writings of the Gospel. Significant changes to St. Matthew's image were made over time, including changes in hair colour.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger, Brittany Houghton, and Christina McLean

Saint Bartolomew

Saint Bartolomew was completed in 2018. Saint Bartolomew is often depicted with a knife, which is symbolic of his flaying and martyrdom. Significant changes to the original Leduc were made over time, changing St. Bartolomew's hair colour, subtle shadows in his neck and highlights in his clothing.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger, Brittany Houghton, and Aimee Hawker

Saint Philip

Saint Philip was completed in 2018. Saint Philip is depicted with a cross in Leduc's mural. The cross represents his martyrdom. Over time, the cross which St. Philip carried was painted over (see picture below).  Modifications to Leduc's original work also include changes in the colour of his robe and halo.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger and Aimee Hawker

Saint Peter

Saint Peter was completed in the summer of 2020. Saint Peter attribute is the key, which guards the Gates of Heaven. The restorers were able to remove the overpaint so as to make his individual toes and original folds in his clothing visible.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger, Brittany Houghton, and Winnie Daley

Saint Mathias

Saint Mathias was completed in 2020.
Restorers: Michelle Gallinger, Brittany Houghton, and Winnie Daley